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Jaswir Kaur got a unique costar!



Jaswir Kaur aka Guddi had the most unique costar in her show ‘Krishna Kanhaiya’. The actress has been working with a buffalo!

“It was very funny,” talks Jaswir about her experience “It takes time to connect to them so it is not at all easy. I had shot with many animals before not this huge but yes to say animals like snakes, horses, rats and eagles. When I go to know we are going to shoot with a buffalo I thought it would be very funny.  Initially I was a bit scared but then as time passed by then I was comfortable and relieved. When I was very young I had been to Punjab as in the proper village inside and there I was with the buffaloes and had tried milking them and everything. So it was okay now they recognise you after some time but overall it was an enjoyable experience. Handling them on shoot is a difficult task some times.

The buffalo was not christened by her owner but in the serial her character is called ‘Chameli’ so her name is Chameli now.  Chameli the buffalo has been shooting since a week. She was the part of one of the story of the show.

Further talking about her new costar Jaswir says,”Giving a buffalo the position as we want her to do in the scene and handling her is too tough but also funny. Once we all were in positions and even Chameli was made stand her position.Before the scene was about to shot our head asked us all to get into the position and we responded,‘Sir, hum position me hi hai, chameli hil gayi’. It was too much fun! We are feeding her grass and plants. We use to pluck some from the plants and feed her in the middle of the scene or during the day to distract her for being in the scene but then she ate all our plants at once only. In one scene I was shown cleaning the rice, she ate the rice too. In another shot, she went into the kitchen where we had kept all the kitchen stuff like onions, tomatoes, potatoes all vegetables and in the middle I yelled “Pakdo,pakdo,pakdo!” by the time people arrived she almost ate the cabbages and I was laughing and yelling because it is very difficult and risky too to pull things away from their mouth.”

The unit took all the care of Chameli in order to make her happy and not to exploit her. Jaswir shares,”There was another shot where I was feeding her and because of the long break and long shots, she sat down. The setting boys were trying to pull her up and I was yelling, ‘Hey! aaram se karo, handle her gently!’ One of my friend informed me this was the way they pull her up. We were making sure that she is not being troubled or no one is being rude or harsh to her and is been taken good care. Overall we had a great time and shared a lot of funny moments with her.”


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