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When Divyanka Tripathi drove a bus!


Actress Divyanka Tripathi is someone who is known for her cute sweet avtaar in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as Ishita. People have showered her with lots of love and affection. And now her fans have one more reason to adore her. She knows rifle shooting and even fond of adventure sports in real life everyone knows. But recently on the set of YHM she was seen on a driver’s seat of a bus driving the vehicle. An onlooker from the set reveals she drove the vehicle on her own and everyone was amazed and she got appreciation from action director, DOP and director as well. She did bit of stunts too on her own without using a duplicate.

On being contacted Divyanka said, “The unit was ready with a duplicate but my director was happy with my shot when I took the initiative on my own concerning driving and stunts”. ” On being asked whom she wants to give credit for this fearless driving skills, she said, “Definitely my mother, she has been my driving teacher. She has driven tractor too and now I wanted to tell her see your daughter is a bus driver now (smiles).” I got to explore my adventurous side again courtesy the sequence.”

Well Divyanka acting is one profession where one gets to explore different sides of one’s own personality!


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