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Ashish Chowdhry to go for surgery once again!

Ashish Chowdhry

Ever since Ashish Chowdhry left Jhalak Dikhla Ja, he is giving a rest to his body after many stunts and rehearsals. But that is not the only reason that the actor deserves the rest. He had injured his right hand during his last performance and had to undergo a surgery to put a rod inside his right hand.

Talking about the incident Ashish says,”Ever since I did my last superhero act in Jhalak which didn’t turn out pretty well due to harness malfunction and instead of landing like Iron-man, on the feet, I landed very hard on the ground and injured my knuckles. My knuckles moved out of its sockets. The very next day I went for the surgery because I had to reconstruct my hand. It was not only a fracture but my knuckles had come out of their place. I had to put a rod through my wrist which supported the knuckles. That is still in my hand. I’ll be doing another surgery this weekend to remove it. Basically, I had three weeks a rod under my hand and two weeks of rest will do me good. The first one was of 40 minutes and the second which I will be doing now will take hardly 15 minutes.”

The actor posted a photo on his micro blogging account and his fans were astonished to see him so calm on the operation table too! Were Ashish not scared of the surgery at all? “I never feel scared from anything in general,” comments Ashish “I have been through enough in my life to understand that life cannot be a cakewalk. Anything that startles or scares you, slows you down. When you don’t have influence over it, sit back and enjoy- that is my philosophy. I had to go through the surgery as there was no other choice and no use of being scared or sad or feeling down. I end up being friends with the doctor. We are good friends now. I believe in making memory of everything whether it’s a project on TV or a surgery. I make friends everywhere. He gave me guarantee that my hand will be in perfect condition and that reason was enough for me to be happy. I posted that photo on Twitter because I believe that lot of people who like me have a right to know about it, that’s the reason I spoke about the harness problem in the first place. My fans should and have every right to know my story.”

Dr Sudhir Warrior has performed Ashish’s surgery and the actor feels he is the best. He has operated Sachin Tendulkar 9 times. Any cricketers who break their fingers, go to him because he is considered the best. He has operated Mr Bacchan too.

Though the fitness freak actor never missed out his gym hours, even after his one hand was not working. Ashish laughs,”As I have always said, I don’t go to the gym only to make body. I go to the gym to feel better. Now that I can’t do any regular stuff like even signing a cheque because my right hand is injured, I spend very limited hours in office and I can’t shoot also. A man sitting at home is frustrating, personally I feel stressed. So I go to the gym and do the legs training. I have cardio and use elbow instead of wrist, I train back of shoulders and chest. I went to the gym the very next day of surgery and spent two hours figuring what I can and can’t do. So now that I have done homework correctly, people worry that I have still got stitches and sweat, moisture can do infection. But I am very disciplined for my health. I go to the doctor for Infection test every week. I manage to take physically and medically care of my body but I can’t skip my gym hours.”

It’s been three weeks since the actor had a rod in his hand. Talking about recovering Ashish shares,”The most irritating thing is my knuckles and bones don’t hurt me as much as that rod. It is inside my skin and of hook shape so that they can pull it out but it also pierce through my skin. When I close my fist I can literally see that rod popping out of it. It’s been three weeks of that irritation. This Saturday, after 21 days, I will be getting rid of that rod and will make a great recovery after that. It will be one giant lead. After that I will have to wait for two weeks for stitches to heal and muscles to work back in action.”

As the actor sees something good in every situation, he shares the ‘Do’s and ‘Don’t’s of this. “I have also tweeted about this that the biggest Don’t is I can’t use my right hand. If I go to shower I have to squeeze shampoo or brush teeth or spread toothpaste to the brush by one hand which is not easy at all. Eating food like roti with non-dominant hand which you always neglect is very difficult. After couple of days I realised that I can use my left hand really well. I tweeted that irrespective of having a rod in my hand, on the upside, I am becoming lefty. There is silver linings in every clouds. For ‘Do’s, I am trying to use left hand as much as the right one. As I said, try to be positive, see good in every situation, make memory out of every moment and you will be happy.”


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