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My parents have contributed in my Jainism roots :Mrunal Jain


Mrunal Jain has been following Paryushan past 29 years. Since his birth the actor is strictly following every norms of Jainism.
Mrunal says,”The unique thing about this festival is that festivals are generally associated with eating, drinking and merry but this festival is celebrated for spiritual upliftment. This festival is celebrated in the month of Bhadrapad as per Hindu calendar. It is celebrated for 8 days. Jains practice penances, vows, fasts, scriptural studies and pratikraman and if not fasting then they refrain from eating green vegetables.”

The most important thing the TV actor has learnt being a Jain is to respect every living being be it the smallest ant or a human being, not to hurt any one( non violence ) , truthfulness and purity of soul (karma). Jain Dharm propagate that the way to liberation is to live with respect for all beings including plants and animals.

Mrunal has always been complimented for building his body eating only vegetarian food. Sharing a dose of inspiration Mrunal says,”When I am home, it’s not really very difficult to manage diet but when I travel, it is difficult to get Jain food, I manage it somehow though. It’s not that a person can build good body by eating non-veg food. There are many alternatives. Dedication is all what matters! In fact, we don’t eat onions and potatoes. I personally don’t feel I am missing on anything by not eating onions or potatoes because as per Jainism, it’s an act of violence. In fact, I feel proud following it. It’s a good deed as per me.”

The actor gives credit to his parents for his Jainism roots. “My dad Shailesh Jain and mom Vidya Jain have contributed in my Jainism roots because they taught me to follow the religion. It’s because of them I understood the virtues of Jainism since childhood.”



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