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High voltage drama in Colors’ Swaragini


Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Colors popular show “Swaragini”.

As per the current track, Swara and Sanskar discuss how to get Ragini’s truth out in the open and later, she asks him to get the medicine that they were giving her. Meanwhile, Ragini informs Parineeta about the fast that she is keeping for Lakshay and her. Later on, Ragini discloses the truth about betraying Swara to Lakshay, Sujata, Annapurna, Parineeta and Sanksar.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Ragini will play another game. She will leave house saying that Lakshya doesn’t love her. Ragini will tell Swara that her husband doesn’t love her so there is no point staying with her. Swara will try to stop her but Ragini will not stop.Further,  Sankaar will fill sindoor on Swara’s forehead. Dadi will pretend that
Sharmishtha was trying to kill her.Later, the Police will arrest Sharmishtha.Later Swara and Sanskar tent will catch fire and then Sanskar will tell Ragini’s truth to everyone.


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