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Mohit Malik become emotional after reading Rishi Kapoor’s tweet


Actor Mohit Malik has certainly come a long way in Jhalak Dikhla Ja the celebrity dance reality show. The actor is on cloud nine when the evergreen romantic actor of yesteryear Rishi Kapoor tweeted about Mohit in the popular social networking platform. Kapoor mentioned in his tweet “I predict stardom for this actor Mohit Malik. You have all that you need.” Certainly for Mohit it’s a big boost as it is coming from a legend who himself is a master when it comes to dance.

Mohit adds,” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it first so I kept on looking for some time! Only after seeing it multiple times did I believe that yes it is Mr. Rishi Kapoor who wrote about me. I was overwhelmed because I am a huge fan of him. The way he acted and performed in his time and also the way he is right now is indeed commendable. When I met him few weeks back on Jhalak I had a great time performing in front of him.” Apparently Kapoor tweeted after seeing Mohit’s performance of last week.

Mohit also adds,”I came to Jhalak as a kid who wants to learn about the craft and I am happy whatever I have learnt through Jhalak. And I don’t know what is going to happen next but my greatest take away from the show is the standing ovation I got from the judges. I feel I already won Jhalak. Who does not want to lift the trophy and for that I am working hard and giving my best.”


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