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Ganga to apologize to Pooja for Mannu’s behaviour in Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu

Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Balika Vadhu.

As per the current track, Akhiraj suggests Kishore to not go to the police station but gets a reply that it will not happen after Nimboli gets justice. On the other hand, Police Inspector asks Nimboli to tell everything and Harki suggests to wait for Akhiraj but is told that it can’t wait. Elsewhere, Jagdish brings Mannu to the hospital and questions him about Pooja’s pregnancy.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes,  Pooja will find out about her miscarriage. Kishore’s uncle will apologize to Akheraj for Kishore’ misdeeds.Mangla will find out that Akheraj has trapped Kishore in Nimboli’s case. Mannu will reache Sarita’s house to see Pooja, but Pooja will slap him. Mangla will tell Kamli that she fears losing Nimboli due to her relationship with Anandi and Jagya. Meanwhile, Ganga will apologize to Pooja for Mannu’s behaviour.

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