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TV actors talk about Significance of Ganpati in their life!


Shashank Vyas :

1. Ganpati festival is full of fun and joy. It’s all about having Ganpati at home, calling people to your place and visiting your friends and relatives. Ganpati is my favorite festival. I am a regular visitor of Siddhivinayak temple.   I hope he gives me energy to give my best, make me strong to fight the daily life battle with positivity. In childhood we used to collect chandas in groups. We used to decorate the pandals, holding some competition, announcing winners on the tenth day. It was too much fun and nostalgic moments.

Ashish Chowdhry :

 There was a time when I used to visit many temples frequently. Then came a phase when I realize that all Gods are same. One custom we still follow is that we visit Ganpati because my wife is from Dadar and there are many famous temples in that area. So we go for a drive to Dadar, Lalbaug, Sion, Matunga. Going into the temple alone is not important, I go to church and mosque too. I get fascinated by how each Ganpati looks different. Some look like South Indian Ganpati, some look like Maharashtriyan Ganpati, some like Konkan brahmin. It’s very Interesting just to look at them.  I believe one should fulfill his own wished. The day you ask someone is the day when you show your weakness. Lalbaug Ganpati is believed to be the wish-fulfilling God. It is very uncanny that my mom and wife mentioned to go there and I got an invitation to visit Lalbaug on the same day. I know it’s very difficult to even get a glimpse of the almighty there and I was given VIP entry. I don’t know if it was a coincidence but I believe he fulfills everyone’s hearts’ desire. He actually heard them on that day.

Shivin Narang :

I am a Delhi boy and it was very exciting celebrating Ganpati there but here in Mumbai the festival has special importance and place in everyone’s hearts. I was excited about it when I came to Mumbai. People take Ganpati at home and invite over a get meals, celebrate together. It’s a moment of unity and love. It is considered enjoyable yet spiritual. These are auspicious days. Any good work gets start in these  days.  Make me a good human being and keep my friends and family happy thats al lI want from Bappa. 3. we used to dance like mad at Ganpati festivals. Every memory of it is filled with dancing.

Sargun Mehta :

Ganpati is the first God to be worshiped before any auspicious occasions. We always go to the temples to pray Gods but this is the only festival when the God himself comes at our place and stays for days. The whole celebration is really exciting. Success in my personal and professional life as well as blessings for my entire family. I saw true colors of this festival when I came to Mumbai. This city is known by many things among which Ganpati festival is important. It gives flavor to Mumbai.

Rashmi Desai:

1. I feel very secured when Bappa is around. He takes care of me, he gives happiness as he is rightly named Vighnaharta. We believe him to be the eldest member of our family. We feel safe, secured, nice and blessed. I wish Bappa keeps me healthy, happy and peaceful so that I can always work nicely. I want a to create a strong aura around myself just like him. I wish he will be there to always protect me and bless me so that I won’t do any wrong. . Since childhood we are taking Ganpati at home and it always feels like the elder family member is coming to house. My mom, sister-in-law and I make delicious modak for him. The whole environment of our home becomes wonderful.

Pratyusha Banerjee :

Ganpati festival is all about taking the God home and turn your home into a temple. I really love the way people go from one home to another to get blessings of Bappa. I wish for a peaceful world and progress in my professional life. I really love to look at all the different idols at Ganpati visarjan.

Ssharad Malhotraa…
Ganpati bappa is auspicious and the God of wisdom. There is special place in my heart for him.  I am bringing Ganpati since four years. This will be my fifth year of bringing the God at my place. From last year, I have decided to celebrate it for three days. Since I am busy with the shooting of Maharana Pratap, I want to spend more time with Ganpati. As always, I will decorate my home with flashy lights and aroma of fancy flowers and scents. I like to keep it as bright and cheerful as possible. The decoration will make color combination with the idol.

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