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Ankush Arora who plays Kartik in Trishulla productions Yeh Vada Raha on Zee TV talks about his blow hot-blow cold character!


The show Yeh Vada Raha, starring Ankush Arora, has been garnering quite a lot of interest. The story revolves around 19-year-old Kartik, the nephew of a local don, and nine-year-old Survi, the daughter of an honest chawl dweller. Survi’s father is killed by Kartik’s aunt, Tai, … and the two youngsters are bound together by a promise made by Kartik to Survi’s father.

Talking about his role in the women-centric show, Ankush says, “Tai has a powerful role after Bhau is shot dead after a few episodes. I live with them… Yes the serial professes woman power. Tai becomes the don after her husband’s death.”

He adds, “But I have a strong character as well. I am influenced by my Bhau and Tai as I live with them. So I cannot disregard what he says and therefore I do everything for him. He is the don of this area. But since I have a mind of my own, I realise that what he asks me to do is sometimes wrong.

“So I turn against them but according to me I am doing the right deed by saving my neighbour who faces the wrath of my Tai after my Bhau (her husband) is killed. I commit myself to safeguard Srikanth, his daughter Survi… I stand against Tai.”
Talking about how he bagged the role, Ankush says, “I auditioned for the role. After the first round I had to face three-four more auditions. Nonetheless I was chosen and thereafter I had to take a look test.” He adds that he was lucky to have been allowed to keep his original hairstyle for the role.

Adding more about his character, he says, “Kartik is a carefree guy. He is very friendly with kids in the chawl. But he is always arguing with Survi. She tries to be an upright girl as she is like a mother to her father and she thinks she can treat everyone like that.
“Though I am playing a 19-year-old, I am actually 23. And I am not a carefree guy in real life, I do care about the norms and ways of the society. In the show, I sometimes help people and at other times I have that ‘don’ kind of attitude. It’s fantastic to work with Trishulla productions. The show is getting good response”

“The show will surely allure audiences for the kind of complications a simple boy faces. He is torn between his own people and what is right. Also, whether he will be able to keep the promise he made to Survi’s father is worth waiting for.”

Talking about his background, Ankush says, “I am from Delhi. My father is a businessman while mom is a housewife. I always wanted to act. I must thank my mother who always supported me. She would literally pray that I would get what I was looking for. I am here because of the support of my parents. I have completed Mass Communication, and the course gave me camera confidence as I learned filmmaking too.”

Yeh Vada Raha is not his first outing. “I have done a serial in which I played the second lead. But this is my first full-fledged lead role,” he says, adding, “I have also shot for a cola commercial in Bangkok. It was directed by Pradeep Sarkar and is shown only in Pakistan. The theme is that a few Pakistanis and Indians meet in Bangkok and chill with a few soft drinks.”

When enquired whether he is single, Ankush says that he is not seeing anyone at present and is concentrating on his career.


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