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When Mrunal, Rashami and Tina walked the ramp!


Actor Mrunal Jain, Rashami Desai and Tina Datta who were all in TV show Uttaran walked the ramp for a designer friend Gagan.

Mrunal Jain confirms, “It was great to walk the ramp with Rashami Desai who is my Rakhi sister in real life. Tina Datta my friend also walked the ramp. Gagan came up with a fantastic show It was a nostalgic feeling as Uttaran is off air and all of us have moved on our career path. Everyone is trying out new things. It’s my heart’s wish to see Rashami and Tina do well in their career and wish them happiness”.

On being asked who is  his hot favourite on the ramp with whom he would like to walk the ramp he says, “I feel Hrithik Roshan. He is the ideal style icon and his aura on stage is always amazing and he walks very rarely and that’s the novelty.”

Well Rashami Tina and Mrunal looked stunning on stage together and the makers can think of casting all of them together again in the same show!


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