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Jay Soni happy with new time slot for comedy Superstar!


Jay Soni who is seen be seen anchoring Pankita Sadrani and Arun Sheshkumar’s (Pyramid Films)  Comedy Superstar talks about the connection that has developed between him and the judges. Jay Soni gets positive response for Comedy Superstar

Jay Soni is currently anchoring Pankita Sadrani and Arun Sheshkumar’s ‘Comedy Superstar’ and is getting massive response. The show’s time slot has been changed to 9 pm and Jay is assured about its popularity.

Jay informed,”I am getting great response. A day before my neighbor complimented me that they watch my show and I am working brilliantly, the contestants are confident and are growing slowly. I am grateful for all the positive comments.”

The actor/anchor is also very confident about its time slot being changed. It is good. lesser competition. running show ke baad turant. 10 becomes late. There are more peopel watchnig the show now”

Further describing his experience as a host Jay said,”I have hosted before also but here the judges and the producers were so warm.  It was like being with family. They gave me full freedom as host. I was allowed whatever I wanted to do which is a good thing because freedom given by directors, producers makes you feel comfortable. Pankita used to call me jumping teddy-bear who keeps on jumping here and there. They gave me very comfortable costumes so that I can wander freely wherever I want. We experimented a lot on clothes. I miss shekhar ji’s jokes most. There were moments when I was nowhere to be seen on stage because my eyes were getting watered out of laughter and people would misread the expressions as crying. We used to have crazy fun”.

Jay have been following a strict diet because he wants to go more leaner. He is working on himself to come up with a different look of a little rugged or more of a bad boy. Always a foodie, Jay can cook pizzas and sandwiches. jay says, “Pankita and Arun have made a fantastic show. To assemble such fantastic judges under one rook on a clean comedy show is a herculian task!


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