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TV actors talk about their pet !!!


TV actors talk about their pet and what would they ask them if they could hear!


Rashami Desai: My pet dog’s name is Oreo. Breed is pegines. His age is seven months. I bond with him majorly. He waits for me to return from shoot. He expresses his joy when I am with him. He plays with me and vice versa. He like to go for walking daily. He loves to travel with me in car. He is very well behaved dog. When I hug him I feel I am hugging pure innocence and unconditional love. He brings smile on my face. I daily spend time with him and if I am busy he demands my attention and time. He is like a innocent kid who is hundred percent pure.

“I would tell him “thanks for being there unconditionally and I love you  and can’t think of life without you”.

Ravi Dubey : My dog is called Moyo and his breed is Cavapoo. He is three and half years old . Me and Sargun are very much connected and involved with our pet. The day when he had come to our place next day he fall sick and we tried almost everything all the possible medication and made him fit and fine again. He gives lot of confidence to me. He is like kid to me and me and Sargun are like mom and dad to him . We both really love him a lot. He is our life.

I would tell him “You bring lot of joy to my home and life. Thanks for being there always” .

Ssharad Malhotraa: I have a four year old pug.  His name is  Masakali / Pet name(Musky) . He gives me unconditional love and loyalty that we barely get to see in today’s times. I love playing with him and he waits for me and feels very happy when I take him out with me. He is adorable and understands when I am sad. He comes to me and craves for attention whenever he feels like. He is like an innocent child.

I would tel l my dog Musky  “Thank you so much for bearing me with all my crankiness, grumpiness and mood swings, also for loving me unconditionally and being there with me in the best and worst of times. I love u too”

Vivian Dsena: I would tell my cats “I love you. You always make me feel at home in your presence”. Chocopie and Costa two cats.

Sanjay Gagnani :I talk to my dog whom I have named Flirty. He is my best buddy and listens to me like a true friend. There are times when I cannot share a few things with human beings, that’s when my buddy Flirty comes to my rescue. I express my feelings to him. He expresses through his eyes. Since he cannot speak like human beings, he speaks from his eyes and I can read those since he’s very close to me. I understand his language and his actions convey a message to me. That’s how we bond with each other. We understand each others expressions and emotions. Whenever I’m away he’s sad and whenever I’m back home he jumps as if he has got his world back.  He doesn’t let me sleep until I hug him and make him sleep along with me.

If he can actually hear I would tell him, “You are my best buddy and I cant think of life without you”


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