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Spoiler Alert: Udaan and Sasural Simar Ka

Spoiler Alert

Udaan: Bhagya goes to Arjun and assures him that everything will be fine. Meanwhile, Kamal manipulates Amma with his sweet talks. Chakor defeats Kusum in practice sessions.Kusum drops a hot vessel on Chakor’s feet and hurts her. Everyone in the village is excited about Chakor’s competition.


Sasural Simar Ka: Simar is on her way to the Shyamgarh, but her car suddenly stops and the driver tells Simar that they cannot go any further. Simar goes to the village and is looking around.Simar notices a thick iron rusted chain and she begins to move towards it. She is about to touch the chain, but she hears some noise and hides in the corridor.


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