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Fans getting Ashish Chowdhry’s name tattooed!


Ashish Chowdhry recently experienced extreme actor-fan relationship when two girls named Nelli Govender got ‘AshChow’ which comes from the actor’s nickname ‘ChowChow’ and Aleena got ‘Ashish’ inked on their hands. Although Ashish is happy to receive so much love but he advises all his fans to take precautions.
“I keep in touch with my fans on Twitter and tell them not to do anything that might upset their family. I have a daughter and though I am not a dominating father but I wouldn’t like them to get inked permanently especially because these girls are unmarried. I hope nobody does as there are many ways to show your love to me. It’s elating feeling to get so much love but if I say I appreciate then I would be encouraging them to do so which I don’t want to. What if they change their decision tomorrow? what if they become someone else’s fans? Anything permanently on body should be done after a lot of thoughts.”
“There are four people, the first one to do so was Nelli. When Aleena got her tattoo she sent me picture with the message that “I will not shout at her” because they know I am not going pat them on the back. Nelli sent me gifts when I was in South Africa. She was in touch with my wife too. I met her when she came to Mumbai because I wanted to ask why she did that; she said she is never going to get married so there is no problem of other man as well as her family were not unhappy with her decision. There was not much to say for me then. I don’t like my fans to spend money on materialistic things but at the same time I cannot encourage them to do things like this. It leaves me speechless. Therefore, I always tell ‘My Family’ on twitter to donate money for my ‘Masoom’ initiative which helps needy in terms of free education, night-schools.”
Ashish is well known for his work in films as well as much appreciated on TV “Everything has different audience. Star fans of Bollywood are crazier. I believe, every artist gets his share of audience as per his work. As I am part of both,I can tell that TV has more loyal fans than films. In films, you have to wait for the release and it might not get positive response and if the film is flop, they look towards you differently or find other actors. TV keeps you way more attached therefore I am enjoying TV. I am actually refusing multi-starer comedy to enjoy fiction. I will never say no to films but I enjoy working on TV too. The work is displayed regularly and the appreciation by the fans is on greater scale than films. Gone are the days when TV was considered as inferior medium, as far as fans are concerned TV is proving bigger medium.”
Talking about actor-fan relationship Ashish says,”The relationship of actor and his fans is purely dependent on how the actor responds to them. Fans always shower their love but if love is not finding its way to the heart they are giving it to, it will never last. If someone is sending me their love and I will reciprocate. It makes them like you even more. People like you for the projects you undertake but the real love comes when they know you as a person. If the actor does not feel grateful and does not show it to his fans, they will never achieve fans of lifetime.”
This is not the first experience though for Ashish though. He receives so many love that for a moment he became speechless as which one to quote. “I have some unbelievable or surreal or out-of-the-world experiences because I never thought fans could do that much. They sent me a formal certificate of the star which they named after me. They have bought space on the moon for me. When I was in South Africa my co-contestants were shocked to see my room bathing in chocolates, nuts, alcohol, dryfruits and other so many gifts. When you live in outer country in a hotel and see your room stuffed with so many gifts by fans it feels unbelievable. They send gifts to my children which means they like my family too. My daughter has received little gold bengals and handmade lampshade. I do not think spending too much money is a good idea. But the best gift I receive is donation for my initiative ‘Masoom’. I hold high respect there and beam with pride because of my fans. Donating money in Masoom has been the greatest gift for me”.

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