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It’s celebration galore for Amit Gaur!


TV actor Amit Gaur is in joyous mood as his show ‘Swim Team’ completed the milestone of 150 episodes.

The actor says happily,”We cut two cakes today which Endemol got for us on set in Lonavala. Everyone is really happy and the show is doing really well across all the new shows and channels in the country. We look on forward to completing 200 episodes soon, maybe 250 or 300. It’s a good feeling.”
Amit has a reputation for being the prankster on set and he is working on some new practical joke. For obvious reasons he refused to give more details on that.
Explaining his character Tarun Kapoor (TK) Amit says,”The best part of playing him is the personality he has. I identify with him because both of us have been sportsperson in our lives. He is disciplined and strict guy when it comes to certain things. I relate to his punctuality. You have to set an example to your juniors and students. He is making an impact on youth, younger generation and guide them by setting right examples. That’s the best feeling about playing TK. The difference between me and my character is only that he is disciplined and strict all the time whereas I usually play pranks, laugh with my heart. So there are two different sights we see on set. As soon as the director say “Cut!” I sit and start chatting with everyone and again he would say “Action” and I go back in front of camera with straight face.”
Talking about his future goals Amit says,”Lots of production houses have approached me for regular family drama and fictions which I would love to do. I also don’t mind doing one or two reality shows. It will be fun and exciting. I would love to participate adventure based shows which involve a bit of traveling and multiple tasks. I am open to all three segments on TV. People have offered various shows, so let’s see, I might do with another fun show.”
Finally, what can we aspect from the future track of Swim Team? The actor replies,”The writers are making up the new track and I don’t have liberty to say much. Swimming is back with the competition. You will see lot of Reva and TK together for a brief period of time. There’s a new character entry called Neal. There will be twist and turns and story line on TK will be shown soon. Just wait and watch. Thank you for all the love and support. Keep watching Swim Team Monday to Friday 7 pm. We are glad to have reached 150 episodes because of your appreciation and love. looking forward to reach many milestones and thanks to love TK as well”.

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