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Akhlaque Khan’s get together at his home!


Actor Akhlaque Khan is a very friendly guy and all the actors on the set of his show 2025 Jane Kya Hoga Aagey adore him. He organized a cosy home party.

He says, ” I decided to organise a get together because some of the actors were not there on the last day of the shoot and I think we required a chilling session.Surprising, we didn’t discuss much about show’s short run. We were just remembering the good things, gossiping and cracking jokes. It started with regular chatting. Then as we warmed up, we were dancing. And then it lead to reading of poetry.I prefer house parties to going out. It’s more personal. I often have get together with different groups”.

Actors who attended the get together included: Sanyukta Timsina, Monica, Urmila Tiwari,  Sunil Barve, Kenny Desai, Rashna Desai, Lubna Salim, Deepmala, Paresh, Nayan Shukla, Neelesh & Amit Bhargava.

Well Akhlaque pictures speak thousand words and your party seem to be a big hit with your co-stars!


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