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When Rishma Rochlani travelled by train!


Actress Rishma Rochlani who is playing the lead in ‘Mohi’ as ‘Anusha’ was stuck in traffic and was spotted travelling in a train.

We asked her, you got stuck in traffic jam in Naigaon and you had to leave your car behind and travel by train so how was the experience? She says, “It was fun. I felt I was out on a picnic. Went by bus to the station and from there caught a train. Thankfully I had one of the assistants with me to help me and guide me where to get down”.

we asked her, you travelled in train after how long and you were recognized so what was the reaction of the people? She replies, “Yes. I have travelled by train before. But never alone and that too ages back. I guess I was in my first year, junior college. When I got off at Bandra station two people asked me if I am an actor and that they have seen me on TV. And at that point I was carrying my bag, my ice box and my Tiffin, it looked so funny so I said yes and I am stranded because of traffic”.

Next we asked you hail from Mumbai only so are you used to travelling in local train? For which she replies, “Inspite of being from Mumbai I haven’t travelled much in a local train because my dad never liked it. Besides I always had a car and driver”.

Lastly we asked her do you daily drive down to Naigaon or have a driver and do you enjoy the drive? She says, “I like to drive so I drive myself and since I am always in the opposite direction of traffic so it’s fun early morning and late at night. Also the drive after Mira Road is very scenic”


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