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Actor Jason Tham to celebrate his birthday on 15th



Birthday is a special time for all of us. Actor Jason Tham who is currently plays the character of Agent Bikram in the detective series Agent Raghav is no different. Jason will be celebrating his birthday on the 15th of this month.

When asked he says,”I love to party on my birthday. But one thing I always make sure that I never mix my friends in my party. I have different friends and I do party with them separately so for me it is going to be a lot of partying.”

Jason who is dating Khusboo a choreographer too always surprises Jason with unexpected things. As Jason adds,”It is amazing the way Khusboo surprises me every year. I always think that she won’t but the way she does it is really good. I must say she is very good in planning. Couple of times she has thrown a party for my close friends and I loved it. This year I don’t know what she has planned. One thing I always make prassure that I spend time with her.”

Talking about gifts Jason says,”I have a plan to buy a luxury car for myself. I am taking care of my finances and soon I will buy that.” This year it will be a working birthday for me but I am definitely looking for a celebration with my Agent Raghav Gang.”

Professionally this Chinese American is enjoying his role in the show as he has a meaty role to play.”

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