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Spoiler Alert: Sasural Simar Ka, Balika Vadhu and Udaan

Spoiler Alert

Sasural Simar Ka: Indravati gets jealous to see Padmavati with Thakur. Padmavati and Indravati dance in front of their father and he praises Padmavati. Padmavati tells her to not to take their father seriously.Indravati asks the old lady to perform black magic so that she can win the dance show. Padmavati tells her father about her sickness. Indravati forgets her steps while dancing.

Balika Vadhu: Anandi is taken aback when Nimboli addresses Mangla as her mother. Meanwhile, Pushkar and Kamli play a prank on Harkhi. Kalyani asks Mangla to handover Nimboli’s custody to Anandi.Nimboli goes to Anandi’s room and finds her sleeping. Later, she hugs Kalyani while she is performing the pooja. Mangla realises that Nimboli is not in her room and goes out to find her.

Udaan: Amma assures Chakor that things will be alright. Later, Chakor finds out that Vivaan has lost his voice. Imli tries her best to make Kasturi eat her food.Chakor tries her best to stop Kasturi from running towards the haveli. Later, Bhuwan furiously beats Kasturi with a wooden stick.


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