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TV folks talk about Navratri plans!


Mohit Malik: Yes, ofcourse I follow Navratri. I do puja throughout the nine days. On ashtami, we call little girls and halwa puri is made at that day. This ritual is followed in my family in Delhi and that’s how I follow it here too. I have lots of memories of Delhi Navratri. I miss my family a lot specially on festivals.

Ssharad Malhotra: We don’t shave on Navratri or eat non-veg either. I am looking forward to play garba throughout the nine days. I will try to extract time out of my hectic shoot to shake a leg atleast for three days out of nine days.

Vishal Singh: I might attend mata ki chowky at some of my friends’ place or there will be many events. My onscreen family is Gujarati so there will be many exciting events to shoot too. 

Pratyusha Banerjee: I have many memories of the pujas, and it’s difficult to choose one. It’s the festival where the entire family comes together and has the best of the time. However the time when we celebrated Durga Puja in the Bigg Boss house is memorable because I got every nostalgic and was missing home terribly. But yes, performing the dhunuchi dance with the housemates was surely fun.”
Divyanka Tripathi : I have many events to attend. I will go to garba grounds with my friends. It’s best to chance to interact with fans. I like the festivity fervour. The enthusiasm on everyone’s face is infectious.

Rashami Desai: We take garba (the Goddess) home as per Gujarati rituals. Dandiya is very special. We let our hair down.  We celebrate with  friends and family. I often travel to some cities too as a guest. I enjoy the festive fervour. I love to dress up for the occasion.

Adaa Khan: I can’t go for garba for all the nine nights but I especially like to watch the crowd going crazy and dance. Indian festivals provide the best way to socialize. Though I am currently bit busy with my shows, I might visit some pandals with friends as I get many invitations to be the guest.

Ashish Chowdhry: I believe all festivals are one. My wife makes every festival larger than life. She has puja or plan with friends and family, so she handles that department and I go with the flow. I do not have any rituals since I was a kid. I believe in every Gods of every religion. I don’t understand the reason behind rituals, I have never understood why we can wear shoes inside church but not temple. My mother, wife and sister when she was here, make me sit down for the rituals and I do it for them. I love the way people get happiness and peace by following these rituals, that excites me. I have vague memory of me playing dandiya when I was in school. After that, I have never understood that. Because I remember when I played dandiya last time, I had injured my eye very badly. Instead, I go and watch people playing garba because I am in the profession where I get invited to many garba events. It’s great because I enjoy watching others get happy. There was a time when I refused to go to marriages and dandiya nights as I used think do they really want me to dance when they are enjoying so much? Some don’t even know who I was and then would stop the music to come and speak. I always feel that most of the crowd would rather enjoy their dandiya than taking to celebrity forcibly so I feel very odd. Recently, I have been approached for many events and I haven’t accepted any till now. But maybe my analysis was wrong and people do want it so I might start do it now. I have understood that TV has become a huge platform and people look upto you. I am starting to consider accepting these opportunities.

Dalljiet Kaur: I have lovely memories of Navratri. During my last show ‘Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon’ I went to Gujrat and have seen the best Navratri of my life. People were dressed so beautifully and I actually ended up getting some fashion tips from them. Few girls had shown me some trendy tattoos that I was amazed to see. I still recall that trip and hope that every navratri I get a chance to visit navratri pandals. Not that I am a great dancer but garba is something that brings out the dancer in everyone. I will take my son out this year and show him the colourful festival of Navratri.

Ankit Gera : I will be inside the Bigg Boss house this Navratri. Looking forward to have fun.

Anshul Pandey : I have no specific rituals for Navratri and no specific plans but I do try and attend the dances when I can and when my Gujarati friends invite me. I am going to surat in a navratri event to perform and be a part of their celebrations.

Sanjay Gagnani : I’d be doing appearances at Navratri celebrations at a couple of places in Gujarat and rest of the day I’d be shooting. Since I’m from Gujarat, I’ve had the most memorable times during Navratri there. This festival is celebrated with grandeur there. I miss those times I celebrated Navratri at my hometown with my family and friends. During those nine days of celebration, we followed a ritual of performing  puja, aarti to Goddess and dancing to Gujarati garba songs and playing dandiya till midnight.

Jason Tham: Navratri has always been special to me. I love going to dandiya nights. It’s always been crazy but as of now we are on a tight schedule with ‘Agent Raghav’ so I am not doing any appearance.

Mrunal Jain: I am a marwari but have lots of gujrati friends. I do garba with my friends including  my wife Sweety. We love to dance. I speak fluent gujrati. The aura of people is so good during festival of navratri. I pray to Goddess to give fantastic career and happiness to everyone.


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