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Actor Raman Handa come to the rescue of his cousin!


Ayushman Aman Maheshwri who hails from Jaipur and came for a break on TV to Mumbai with lots of dreams. He has done few ads and episodics. He got five days work in Shapath as the main guy who turns into lizard man

He  has filed a police complaint against the producer of his latest project, ‘Shapath’, after he suffered burns on his face caused by makeup used by the team.

He was signed up for a five-day track to play a lizard man. However, staying in a mask and a body suit for over 12 hours resulted in blisters. He narrates, “The team told me that they will use a medically-approved glue to stick the mask on my face. During the makeup, I was told that the spirit content might irritate the skin a bit.

But a few hours later, I lifted my mask and was shocked to see blisters all over my face. I was in a bad state but the makeup man just rubbed some ice on my face and told me that it was nothing unusual. I requested the team to take me to a good doctor. However, they gave me `2,000 as medical fee and told me that they would reimburse me later. My condition has worsened. My cousin Raman Handa who is an actor and astrologer came to my rescue”. Raman Handa and his wife Divya picked him from the set in fimcity and took him to  the hospital and he has been given antibiotics and ointments and need to consult a dermatologist too. Raman says, ” It was really painful to see my cousin in this state. It will  take time to heal”


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