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Shagun to die and come back as ghost


Ekta Kapoor does it again. “Ye Hai Mohabbtein” who climbed ladders of popularity owing to its mature romance and sensible portrayal of characters will no more be sensible.

Very soon Shagun will die in the show and come back as ghost. Yes you heard it right. “Ye Hai Mohabbatein” will do a “Sasuraal Simar Ka”.

Shagun will commit suicide in the show as Bhalla family calls her characterless and also alleges her of breaking Raman-Ishita’s marriage.

Shagun in a fit of rage will jump off the building and die. Ishika,Raman and Bhalla family will be in shock and distress. Raman will be broken as he lost his child once again.

But this will not be the end. Shagun will come back as ghost in Ishita’s life. Ishika will be possessed by Shagun’s ghost and will be seen doing paranormal activity.

But wait there is another twist awaiting. Shagun will come back after few episodes as she will not be dead. Shagun along with ACP has planned her death to take revenge from Bhalla family.

She will deliver Ishita’s baby but will not give the baby to her and make her realise the pain of losing a child.


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