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Spoiler Alert: Sasural Simar Ka, Balika Vadhu and Udaan

Spoiler Alert

Sasural Simar Ka: The performance is about to begin, but Padmavati is unwell and tells her father to let Indravati perform. Indravati loses the competition. The servant tells Padmavati how Indravati loses.Padmavati wins the competition and Panditji is happy. Thakur orders his men to release Panditji. Thakur tells Panditji that he would like to make Padmavati his queen, which makes Indravati furious.

Balika Vadhu: Harkhi gives Urmila’s jewellery to Kundan to help him. Meanwhile, Kalyani gives Mangla a gold ‘kada’ as a mark of respect for her affection towards Nandini and her family.Kalyani does the pooja and blesses Nandini. Anandi tells Kalyani that she will be shifting to Shiv Niketan with Mangla and Nimboli. Kalyani, Jagya and Ganga request her to stay back.

Udaan: Sunny warns Chagan against revealing Chauka’s true identity to anybody. Later, Kamal is unable to see Chakor clearly in the flickering lights and assumes her to be a ghost.Amma goes to Dadi to ask her about Satya. Kamal beats the security guard who was not present on duty. Later, Chakor realises that it is she who can save her mother.


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