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Wife gifted bracelet makes Gaurav ecstatic!


Gaurav S Bajaj who plays Sher Singh in Piya Rangrez received yet another surprise gift from his wife Sakshi. Earlier she had given him a colorful painting of a lion as he bagged the role of Sher and now she got him a bracelet bearing the words ‘Sher’. No doubt the on screen Sher Singh loved the gift.

“My wife knows that I am fond of watches,” shares Gaurav excitedly “I like to wear high end watches. She was planning to buy gift for me as good luck. She went to showroom and saw this bracelet on which it’s written Sher. The bracelet is made of gold plated and it’s of brand name called Cartier. It’s too expensive. I was really happy to see the surprise from my wife because this was first time she was successful in giving me a surprise. I was shooting outdoor so my wife got time to arrange that surprise for me. I got something which suits my character in my show.”

Gaurav makes a point to use the bracelet in hand shots or hand gestures in the show regularly. “It means a lot me as my wife gifted me this on the name of my character. It’s very thoughtful of her as it’s an investment too. She is being a wise-wife. We had an arranged marriage. I highly recommend arranged marriage because I am really happy with my arrange marriage. It’s all about Giving each other their space, respecting each other, being what you are, understanding each other and spending time with each other is must this is secret of keeping any marriage intact. Also, having a non-industry wife helps a lot to make life easier as once I come back from my shoot we have other topics to talk on apart from shooting. I makes me feel relax. But I am not against girls from same industry. Choosing a life partner whether from the industry or out of industry is a personal choice.”

The couple got married on 11-12-13. According to Gaurav, the best compliment he has ever received from his wife is that she said he is just like his father. And the best gift till date she has given me is trust and faith. Though I have been gifted a good watch on completion of 100 episodes of my show and after that a painting and now a bracelet. Spending time with each other makes marriage life goes easy and family gathering matters the most. My secret for the successful marriage is happy wife-happy life. One of the things that makes her happy is shopping and I take her shopping every week”.


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