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Digangana Has A Chance To Win Bigg Boss : Shivin Narang


Actor Shivin Narang who used to play the adorable Ranvijay in Veera feels that his co-star from the popular show Digangana Suryavanshi has a chance to win the current season of Bigg Boss. Digangana who is currently paired up with actress Roopal Tyagi inside the house is very close to her on screen brother Shivin.

Talking about her Shivin says,”I think she has a chance to win. I actually messaged her before she went to the house. I am very happy for her. Digangana is an intelligent, funny and bubbly girl. I am sure she will maintain a joyful atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss house. I wish her all the luck.” So any tips to her? “I can’t give any tips as I have never been to the house and also I don’t know anything about the house. I would just say, All the best and enjoy your time there.”

Talking about his next work Shivin says,”I am waiting for the right role which I am looking at. Reality show is something I don’t want to do. Because as an artist I am not interested to do one.”

One comment on “Digangana Has A Chance To Win Bigg Boss : Shivin Narang

  1. oh plz shivin cm back a soon as possible now I cant wait 😦 😥


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