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Digangana Suryavanshi’s father Neeraj Suryavanshi speaks about daughter Digangana


Digangana Suryavanshi’s father Neeraj Suryavanshi speaks about Digangana and her record for not using Glycerine ever in crying scenes!

1. Your daughter turned a year older. She turned adult today 18. How do you feel?

-I am feeling good. She was always responsible but now officially she will have to be responsible for her life as she is an adult now. She can even drive now that she has come of age. I am happy and proud of her.
2. Every year you celebrate her birthday with a function. You must be missing her?
-My wife and I are missing a lot. Even my colleagues are asking me this question. This happened for the first time in eighteen years that we are not together on her birthday.
3. She has made in big on TV so soon you must be a proud father?
-Yes. I am a proud father of hers. In such young age, she has achieved a lot.  Me and my wife Sarita Suryavanshi are happy with the way Digangana has evolved as a person.
4. She is the only child so is she pampered a lot?
-She is not pampered, we take good care of her. She is working, washing, cooking food and cleaning in Bigg Boss house. We don’t let her do all these work as she is already working hard for her career. But obviously she must know how to do this. She is doing nice inside the house. I have seen on episodes.
5. What birthday wish  you would like to send to her today since she is inside big Boss house?
-My only one wish as a father is that now she is eighteen years old and she has grown to a certain level. Before this I was her guardian, I used to drive for her and took care of her. Now she has to live the life. She has to be self-responsible on the basis of cultural values and education we have given to her.
6. How are you feeling her watching daily in big Boss house?
-We are watching her everyday on TV. I see it as a show and try to understand what she is doing in 24 hours just by watching her few glimpses for one hour. We try to figure out if she is depressed, comfortable or enjoying herself. She is quite young and has achieved a lot. She is doing good and not talking any nonsense for which we should feel ashamed. We are also observing that she does no bullshit for making space or to be visible. She is establishing herself. She is coping up in the environment.
7. How do you fell about her record for not using glycerin in TV shows?
-The record was there. Her fans found out about it all. The requirements and the procedures. The authorities questioned few media people and directors and by asking direct questions and witness. They also see ‘AajTak’s bytes of her as an evidence. The verifying took three months and after that she was given a certificate of her record.
8. Anything else you want to share?
-She is on Bigg Boss. Ultimately, it’s a game. Agreeing and supporting her is one thing but at the end voting will save her. You can vote on phone, internet and make her winner.

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