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Jason Tham found a new friend in Sharad Kelkar


TV actor Jason Tham who is currently seen in ‘Agent Raghav’ has found his hangout-buddy on set in co-actor Sharad Kelkar.

Jason says,”Sharad is a sweetheart and a very dear friend. Sometimes I don’t realise how senior he is because the way he interacts with me makes me feel like we are of the same age. He makes you feel very comfortable on set. He helps me understand the crux of the scene, what it demands, how to look from a different perspective. Things like What might work for television and what looks good.”

Sharad Kelkar also works as his guide and mentor. “I remember a day it was an interrogation scene where I kept saying my lines so fast and because of that I kept fumbling and kept giving re-takes. Sharad knew that I was getting more and more uneasy after every takes. He then stopped the shot there told the director to give us ten minutes. He took me outside helped with my lines, taught me some tongue exercises, reminded me to breath while taking dialogues and also to slow down the pace. He then rehearsed with me a couple of times and believe or not I went inside and gave the whole shot in one take with the perfect pauses and intensity.”

Apart from anything else Jason praises Sharad for his voice, his helpful nature and his comic timing. “He’s so down to earth on set and he is a foodie like me. He always calls us to his vanity to share his delicious lunch with us.”


One comment on “Jason Tham found a new friend in Sharad Kelkar

  1. yah that is sharad…. he is a gem of a man…


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