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Shakti’s double role in the show taking toll on his health


Shakti Arora aka Ranveer of “Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi” is the busiest man on earth these days. He has been almost shooting continuously for the last 50 days.

Initially his wedding track was going on so the schedule was hectic and later his double role was introduced in the show which became even more demanding.

In the last 50 days he just got three days off. If there is some important work he gets leverage of few hours.

When asked about it Shakti said “It’s really tiring for me.

Double role in daily soap is just too much. Milan is a new character so transition from Ranveer to Milan is like getting into different character altogether.

I have work on two kinds of dialogues.I don’t even get time to meet my family and my girlfriend Neha.I had fever few days back but I have recovered.But what to do the character and script demands it so we have to follow.”

When asked how long this track will continue “It depends on creatives and TRPs. If this track fails to give TRPs it will soon get over. Some people are liking it while some are not. So the reaction is mixed”


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