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TV folks talk about Star Plus’ “Siya Ke Ram”


The  promo of Nikhil and Sohanna Sinha’s ‘Siya Ke Ram’ on Star Plus is generating great reviews. It is the most talked about promo.  All we can say is that if you loved watching ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’, then you will become a fan of ‘Siya Ke Ram’! The promo is a mash-up of the initial chapters of the great epic Ramayana featuring a young ascetic performing penance in the wilderness, an old wise man, the young Princes of Ayodhya and Princess Sita with her sisters enjoying their childhood. Actor Ashish Sharma has been chosen to play Ram in the show, while Sita’s role will be essayed by Madirakshi Mundle. The show is being shot in a majestic set erected in Hyderabad’s Ramoji Film City as well as across India in different cities and areas. Producer Nikhil Sinha has put heart and soul into the project and it is expected to be a big hit. The grandeur and production vales are very classy. No one has made such a show before on Indian television. Mahadev created history and we are sure this show will again create history.

We spoke to select TV folks about Siya Ke Ram Promo.

Shashank Vyas: It’s fantastic and larger than life. It is very well shot. It gives same kind of feelings when Bahubali promos were showing. I am looking forward to ‘Siya ke Ram’. I would personally like to give wishes and luck to all the team members, producer Nikhil Sinha and channel. Great work on Indian television.

Romit Raj : I think if Hollywood television has “Game of Thrones” we Indians can proudly show them “Siya ke Ram” in exchange. I have worked with Nikhil when he was a cameraman and when I met him after he became a producer he was the same person at heart.

Shivin Narang : I think they always come up with something unique. This promo is somethings I have never seen on Indian television . It’s looking bigger than Bahubali. I’m looking forward to watch this show.

Saurabh Pandey :  I have Seen ‘Siya Ke Raam’ promo. My friend Ashish Sharma is playing Ram and it looks like an epic film, like the film Bahubali. The production value is superb. I just love it and really looking forward to watch it. I wish my dear friend Ashish a lot of luck.

Sanjay Gagnani : I have seen the promo and it looked Grand. Very beautifully shot, it looks epic. It’s an achievement for the makers as well as the TV industry that shows are being shot and made on such a huge scale. The promo looked like a film on TV! The promo looked like a film promo more than a TV show promo. And it’s great that they have raised the bar since Mahadev and took it a notch higher even this time with ‘Siya ke Ram’. If shows like these would be made by the makers and encouraged by the audiences, the day is not far when out Indian TV shows would be as strong as films in terms of creative and technical aspects of making.

Adaa Khan: I can foresee that it is going to be an epic show. The promo is amazing. I am sure they are going to give us some quality show. All the best to the team of ‘Siya ke Raam’.

Srishty Rode : The graphics and special effects look like a film. Especially after ‘Mahadev’ we were expecting this only. I am eager to watch it.

Mrunal Jain: The promo looks amazing. The visuals are very promising. Producer duo have made an amazing show and I expect it to become a hit
Ajay Chaudhary: The promo is ver y appealing. Triangle film company makes fantastic shows. If Mahadev was a hit this show will be superhit

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