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It is difficult to find a match if you are an actor: Naman Shaw


Actor Naman Shaw who has done shows like Kasam Se, Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and currently doing Piya Rangrezz is still single. When asked why  he shares his views on marriage and ideal match for him. He says, “I have not consciously wanted to stay single. I am just been very skeptical about choosing the right girl. I want to tie the knot soon. To women out there looking for a serious relationship, please inbox me on facebook! Good that you’re asking me, now I don’t have to log in on matrimonial sites!”

So what does Naman’s parents say about his marriage? “Pressurizing would be the wrong word. My parents want to see me happy and they have said I can find a girl of my choice also.” When it comes to love Naman has a very unique view. He adds,”Love is not about remembering dates and heart shaped balloons. Love is when you are in the room and someone just ruffles your hair, when someone writes a post it for you on the door, when someone sends you a voice note, when you listen to an old song on radio in the car on a late night drive and holds hands. Love is when you can both be quiet in the same room and yet you feel like there is conversation and there is so much happening together. Love is finding bed tea next to you when you wake up and hiding the towel when the other person has gone for a bath. Love is simple. Love is what makes you smile.”

Talking about the profession he is in Naman also adds,”The profession I am in, comes with its share of insecurity. Be it financial, or the fact that we are always gossiped about and written about. It’s not like these don’t happen with other professions but because its glamor, we come under spotlight. So, it is difficult to find a match.” So what kind of marriage he will prefer? Arranged or love? “I am on for marriage, as long as I like the girl and vice versa. Arranged or love doesn’t matter but I need to know her for sometime before I tie the knot.”


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