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Ashish Sharma and Madiraksi talks about their new show “Siya Ke Ram”


Producer Nikhil Sinha’s  new show Siya Ke Ram on Star Plus , unlike the name suggests, is not a take on Ramayan as we know it. It is in fact, the epic through the eyes of Sita. South actress Madiraksi who makes her television debut as Sita on the show, says, “We’re not treating it like a mythological show. It’s more like a show for the kalyug generation.

I didn’t plan to get into television initially, but producer Nikhil Sinha’s team wanted me to become Sita. He convinced me to come for a look test and that’s when I realised how big the project is. My father is also a huge fan of mythological shows, so he pushed me for it.”

How did she prepare for the role? “I watched Ramayana and read books on Sita.”   Ashish Sharma of Rangrasiya is part of the show as Ram. Talking about how he came onboard, he says, “I was offered many shows as well as films after Rangrasiya but I chose to television — after taking a four month break. Some filmmakers look at TV actors as sasta jugaad because we already have a fan following. But I’m not interested in doing a project just because it’s a film. When Siya Ke Ram came my way, I decided to do it even if it takes travelling to Hyderabad from Mumbai for one and a half years or however long the show runs. My wife and three puppies miss me terribly.” Producer Nikhil Sinha gave Mahadev to the TV industry and paved way for the mythological wave.  Siya Ke Ram promos have generated a lot of hype. The project looks larger than life and is the most awaited show.


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