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Colors’ Thapki….Pyaar Ki Will see a new girl in Dhruv’ life!!!

Thapki - Show Logo
Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ Thapki….Pyaar Ki
As per the current track, Vasundhra, Badki and Chutki carry out the tradition of the karva chaut with their respective husbands. Meanwhile, as Thapki is about to have food, little amount of candy floss from Bihan’s hand flies into her mouth without her noticing. In the meantime, Police come to arrest Bihan for conning Thapki into marriage but she tells them that she was not forced into anything.
Now in it’s upcoming episodes,Thapki will say that she burnt it as it was not the photograph that Dadi had ordered.Vasu will introduce Shraddha, a retired army officer’s daughter to the family. Shraddha will impresse everyone, including Dhruv. Vasu seems happy when she sees them together. Later, Dhruv will also say yes for the wedding with Shraddha to make Thapki jealous.

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