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Ronit Roy wishes Romit Raj for new show

Although the show ‘Adalat’ is no longer on air, the lawyer duo Romit Raj and Ronit Roy shares a special bond. Both the actors have each other’s best interest in heart.  
Romit comments,”Ronit Dada and I worked together for around 5 years. I Miss working with him everyday. Frankly, I am a big fan of him at heart and in reality he reciprocates my love and respect for him with blessings and love. Ronit Dada is very Very good at his craft and he has learnt everything by working very hard at it. I have learnt a lot from him about what to do and not to do.”
Romit’s new show ‘Chalti ka naam Gaadi’ is coming soon on SabTv for which Ronit Roy recently tweeted about and asked his fans to support this show as well.
Ronit Roy’s exact tweet was,”@RonitBoseRoy: Finally the Date is out! My bro @RajRomit ‘s show 🚗Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi on air from 28th October 7:30pm on Sabtv … Don’t Miss it!”
Romit is grateful of this sweet gesture,”I am very happy that he tweeted. I feel proud as his blessings and love means a lot to me. Ronit Dada loved the concept of the show and is very happy that it’s Romit Raj’s show. He is happy it’s a 52 episodes finite series. I have immense respect for him. It was great to work with someone who is reckoned as one of the most popular faces of television in ‘Adalat’. I miss shooting with him but I am climbing my way up and I would love to see myself at the top of the game some day”. 


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