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Shraddha Arya’s Delgam Avtaar!


Shraddha Arya is doing a double role without makeup.

TV actor Shraddha Arya is playing double role for the first time in her show ‘Dream Girl’. The highlight is the actress is managing it without any makeup.

Shraddha agrees,”The look is very simple. No makeup or very little makeup will be used just to hide any prominent marks. It’s my first time on Indian television where I will be seen without any make up and I am absolutely loving it. I do feel lucky to have said yes for the show Dream Girl. It gave me the opportunity to explore my skills as an actor. I am happy with my findings.”
The actor is already playing Ayesha which has shades of negative and another look alike a portraying positive character of Aarti. Shraddha comments,”Ayesha is itself an amazing characters with layers of different shades to herself. And now there’s Aarti too who is innocent and pure soul. It’s seldom that an actor gets so lucky. I feel truly blessed to have been this fortunate that I am playing too extremely contrasting roles in one show”.

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