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Spoiler Alert: Sasural Simar Ka, Balika Vadhu and Udaan

Spoiler Alert

Sasural Simar Ka: Simar stands in front of Prem and calls out to Indravati to stop her from doing this. Siddhant explains everything to the woman and requests her to come with him to the Bhardwaaj house.Indravati tells Simar to hide anywhere inside the house and she runs upstairs. Siddhant is shocked to find Amar lying half unconscious inside the woman’s house.

Balika Vadhu: Anandi arrives at the court with Mangla and Nimboli. Later, Nimboli gives her statement. Mangla learns from Kamli that Harkhi has threatened her and that she should not provide evidence.Kamli, Pushkar and Kishore try to convince the villagers to speak against Akheraj in the court. Meanwhile, the ‘ashtami’ pooja takes place at the haveli. The lawyers await the court’s final decision.

Udaan: Amma tries to control Manohar but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, the IPS Officer tells Abha that he can arrest Kamal Narayan but cannot keep him in jail as everything depends on his health report.Chakor tells Amma that Kamal Narayan is pretending to be mentally unstable. However, Amma refuses to believe her. Later, it is announced in the village that Kamal is admitted to a mental asylum.


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