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Arjun Bijlani Birthday Plan!!

TV actor Arjun Bijlani who is soon be seen in Nagin blows his birthday candles just before his new show’s premiere. He turns a year older today.
Arjun say’s,”Yesterday there was a small cake cutting at my home with Neha and Aayan.I am shooting today and In the night I am planning a small party with my friends.”
Arjun shares,”Now,no more cake cuttings from me and Neha because my son Aayan is going to cut all the cakes.I feel happy and satisfied when I see my son is happy.”
Talking about his best birthday gift ever recieved he say’s,”When I was a child I wanted a red bicycle because I used to live in red house,so my dad gifted me red cycle,this was my first best birthday gift.The second best birthday gift was a Tag gifted by my wife Neha.”
On being asked what birthday gift he is expecting and what he is gifting himself the actor replies,”The success of my show Nagin would be my gift which I am expecting from my fans and audience. I intend to have a low key birthday celebration with my pals and family

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