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Ashish Sharma stays Underground to hide his Look


These days’ actors put in a lot of efforts to get the perfect look for their role in the show. Be it putting on weight or losing, every actor goes to great lengths to get into the skin of the character. Ashish Sharma who is playing the pivotal role of Ram in Siya Ke Ram had to go through the same thing.

Ashish put on a significant amount of his time to get that perfect body for his next role. This is not all the actor also grew his hair to look appropriate for the character. Ashish, who has worked day in and day out for the look ensured that he doesn’t go for any social gathering to disclose his new look.

In order to keep his look hidden and under wraps, the actor was also seen maintaining safe distance from social media and ensured not to post any pictures that would reveal his look to his fans. Every time he stepped out, he made sure he had his hair either tied up in a pony or a cap.

“I always take my work seriously hence I ensure that whatever that I do it has been done with perfection. I have been working out on my body to get the perfect look and have also grown my hair for the same. I am very excited about the role and looking forward to the reactions from the audience”, commented Ashish Sharma.

Siya Ke Ram, all set to go on air on Star Plus, will narrate the story of Sita and Ram from Siya ke Ram with a new perspective, that of Sita’s. An unusual and a never seen before take on Ramayana, watch Siya Ke Ram from Sita’s perspective.


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