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Jaswir’s quick holiday!


Jaswir Kaur,the talented actress had gone to Tarkarli for a short trip.

Jaswir says,”I love travelling,seeing different places and enjoying the new experiences.I and my friend Vishal enjoyed a lot.We tried scuba diving and We stayed in a boat which use to take us in middle of the sea and get us back and we ate fish in malvani style.”
Jaswir talks about her scuba diving experience,She shares,”I did scuba diving for the first time.I was so scared to get in the water but when I saw everyone is going through the same feeling I felt better.It was so beautiful inside the water that I wished to stay inside longer.”
“Everyone needs a break and should take once.We as an actor live our lives faster than others so we need a break,”Jaswir says. When she was asked about her show she replied,”My show  Krishna Kanhaiya   is off-air.I did on-screen comedy for a daily soap for the first time.My roles have always been different like from a Cop to a comedian or from a dancer to an actor. I wish to explore more roles.”

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