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Kashmir shooting was the memorable part till date: Priya Bathija

1.Which was your last show?
-Ek boond Ishq on Life OK.
2. What d oyou have to say about mythological show?
-I am comfortable with mythology as I have done it before. I was a part of ‘Dwarkadhish’ in 2011. I love acting in mythological shows. It’s language is different, look is heavy and improvisation is impossible. They give a new and fresh feeling. Like ‘Karna’ has different look altogether. We have shot in Kashmir backdrop. The costumes and our avatar keep the excitement alive. Our producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary had shown great faith in me portraying Kunti.
3. How much time do you take to get ready?
-Kunti is a princess, so naturally, she has to wear heavy costumes and jewelry. That takes roughly one and a half hour.
4. Have you got any feedback for the role?
-My family, friends and relatives have commented and they seem satisfied with my work. They all appreciated the efforts I have been putting into my work. It’s a nice inspiration.
5. Hobbies other than acting.
-It depends on my mood. But mainly, I like cooking and driving. I am a big foodie. I can cook and eat everything. I make awesome Pav-bhaji, South Indian, non-veg dishes and being a Sindhi, I make yummy Sindhi cuisines.
6. What kind of role you want to do in future?
-I want to do every kind of roles. I don’t want to limit myself to only romantic or only dramatic or only comic roles. I am here to work and learn something new each and every day. I expect people to accept my work and appreciate it. So it depends on my audience and my fans to decide in which shows they want to see me.
7. Any interesting incidents from the sets that you would like to share.
-Kashmir shooting was the memorable part till date. When you shoot in Kashmir’s jaw freezing weather, that too in dhoti-like costumes,it is not a joke. Kashmir no doubt is an absolutely amazing place but it was freezing our bones. Other than bad weather, there were no difficulties. We had awesome experience and great time together.
8. How was the experience of working with Vishesh Bansal and Mauli Ganguli?
-I have worked with Vishesh before. In an advertisement, he played my son. So we have a good chemistry. Besides, I love kids and love playing with them. Vishesh is a brave guy. As I said, to shoot in Kashmir’s horrible weather is not an easy job but he continued shooting even without wearing a jacket. In that way, he is a Dare-devil. As for Mauli, we have been friends since Nach Baliye in 2008. We were co-contestants. I didn’t have to shoot too many scenes in Kashmir so Mali and I enjoyed good time together wandering in nearby market.
9. Anything else you would like to share..
-I would like to say to all my fans that we have worked really hard on performances, locations, costumes and look. Keep loving us, keep watching us. I am here to do different kind of roles and the audience will get to see me doing different things.

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