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Sanskaar to ask Swara to accept his love in Swaragini


Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ Swaragini.

As per the current track, Ragini calls Swara while losing her cool on Lakshay for still having feelings for her sister and asks him to end their relationship if he wants to. Meanwhile, Annapurna gets surprised at seeing Ragini return back home early and Sujata asks her to help them with preparations. In the meantime, Swara tells Lakshay that Ragini will not repeat the same mistake again

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Lakshya will find out that Sanskaar kept a fast for Swara, he will confront him about his true feelings for her. Sanskaar  will get antagonised and will tell Lakshya that he loves Swara. Sanskaar will ask Swara to accept his love for her so that Lakshya can move on in life. Swara will get caught in a dilemma.

Is this what Ragini wanted all along?


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