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Shivin Narang talk about his Diwali plan


Shivin Narang

India is known for a myriad of colorful festivals. However, very few are as joyous as Diwali or Deepavali (row of lighted lamps). Also called the Festival of Lights, the ancient holiday that extends across many cultures and beliefs is celebrated for five days and is one of the most anticipated and eagerly awaited of all Indian celebrations.

Like all our Indian across globe ,our TV celebs also waits for this festival with most anticipation.

So we talk with few of our TV Celebs to know about their Diwali plan and to know will they support noise free Diwali.

Here is what Shivin Narang says about Noise free Diwali, I do believe in noise free Diwali.Old people and animals suffers because of crackers.So I would request everyone not to burst crackers that harms our environment.

Talking about his Diwali plans he says, This Diwali I intend going out of Mumbai for 15 days first time after I shifted to Mumbai.  After that I intend to go to Singapore with family as in case of Singapore one gets Visa easily and not much planning is needed. After coming from Singapore I want to attend a friends wedding in Delhi too. I will binge on variety of home cooked delicacies, sweets and chaat of Delhi. Long breaks are rare for an actor.


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