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Rishabh’s attitude has changed- Neeraj Suryavanshi

Says Digangana Suryavanshi’s father Neeraj, who is happy that the two have made up four years after their bittter fight during Qubool Hai.


Once bitter foes, today Digangana Suryavanshi and Rishabh Sinha have become friends on Bigg Boss9. This despite Puneet Vashishta conveying Digangana’s father’s message to stay away from Rishabh. However, Digangana’s father Neeraj has a completely different take on the newly-found friendship of his daughter and Rishabh.

Says Neeraj, “Yes, it’s true that we had a big issue with Rishabh four years ago when he and my daughter were part of Qubool Hai. He was drunk and abused Digangana and refused to apologise, so we filed a complaint against him. I was apprehensive when Rishabh entered the show about how my daughter will handle it. But Rishabh’s attitude has changed — he is no longer arrogant or stubborn. Life must have taught him some things and Digangana is also now 18 and mature. There are ups and downs in life and if the two have sorted out their issues it’s good.”

What impressed Neeraj about Rishabh is that when he had to rate the contestants he gave full 10 marks to Dignagana. He said, ‘You are very good, tum pavitra ho, aise hi rehna’. Ask him about the warning message he had sent through Puneet and he dismisses it with, “Puneet made a mockery of what we had asked him to convey. Actually, both me and my wife were upset because initially Digangana was not visible much on the show. We were wondering if she was having some pyschological problems. We told her relatives not to vote for her if she was unhappy and wanted to come out. However, Ankit Gera and Arvind Vegde who were eliminated from the show assured us that she is happy, sings songs and dances. Then we heard about her being give the task of cooking a chicken dish, which alarmed us, more so my wife. In our house we don’t eat raw onion or garlic, or touch egg. We were wondering how she will cook chicken. That’s when we got to know Puneet will be entering the house so we called him to convey a message. We went to his house and asked him to tell Digagana that she should express herself — if she wants to cry (we are sure she must have after cooking the chicken dish) or anger, she should do it and be assertive in whatever she wants to say. My wife was emotional when she said all this. Puneet went inside and instead of saying it in the right way, made fun of Digangana and my wife saying how she was crying etc.

During the car task, when Digangana chose to sit in Rishabh’s car Puneet played the emotional card saying, ‘I am conveying your parents’ message for you and you are siding with Rishabh.”
As far as Rishabh and Digi are concerned, Neeraj maintains that they have a healthy friendship and he is happy.

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