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Bigg Boss 9 Day 37: Prince And Suyyash Lock Horns Again!


This week’s luxury budget task, Shararati Bachche’s first day completed on a happier note, but on the second day it turned friends into foes. Now it’s time for team B to take care of the kids in the house and those who played the role of kids on Monday will be seen acting like caretakers in today’s episode.

So, now Suyyash was the kid and Prince was the caretaker. While Prince tried to change Suyash’s diaper, Suyyash went on a rant about how Prince is getting physical with him. They got into verbal spat and continued to argue further.

Later, Digangana brought a toy from the garden area inside the house, and Prince stopped her from doing this. And again Suyyash supported her, saying that kids can do anything and they don’t follow the rules of the house. But, no one can stop Prince, he raised his voice and started shouting at Suyyash.

Unexpectedly Rishabh was trying to be a pacifier in this fight, while Kishwer kept herself at bay from this argument.

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