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Salman to declare Mandana Karimi as the winner of Bigg Boss 9, says Puneet Vashisht


Puneet Vashisht is evicted out of the Bigg Boss house and he is really spilling some beans or may be just taking out his frustration. Whatever it may be, but the things he is revealing are something to watch out for.

In a recent interview,  he said that the evictions are not based only on votes but relies on the decision of Colors channel and the host of the show Salman Khan. He also revealed that the winner of the season has also decided by Salman Khan and its none other than Mandana Karimi.

He added, “Everything is finalised according to Salman. I am not saying the show is scripted but you really need to be in the good books of Salman to last on this show! Last year Gautam Gulati won the show because he is so much like a version of Salman. Toh socha hoga haan chalo yeh meri tarah hai and he won! This year I am so sure Salman is going to make Mandana Karimi win. Although I am no one to judge but according to my reading, she is the biggest two faced woman I have ever seen in my life! She was good friends with me initially but gradually changed sides as per her wish. But Bigg Boss will never focus on that. They’ll only show her side where she is complaining about Kishwer, acting cute or showing her dresses to people around. Nobody is seeing the inner side and everybody is seeing just the outer manipulative side”.


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