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Siya Ke Ram is a rich show : Nilkhil Sinha

Nikhil Sinha

Producer Nikhil Sinha is back with a new show after stupendous success of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev the talented creative allrounder this time presenting a show titled Siya Ke Ram on Star Plus.

Talking about his show Nikhil says,”When we make as innovative a show as Mahadev, the challenge to start a new show is higher given the benchmark Mahadev has created. When I started working for Siya ke Ram I was nervous about how would I touch that mark and how to beat it.”

So what is the USP of Siya Ke Ram according to you?
“Content wise, it’s a rich show. It has a new perspective. We all know Ram and Sita but no one thought of seeing Ramayan through Sita’s eyes. What she wants to say? What was her take on the events that were happening around her? Where did she come from? Who was her family? How was she brought up? What build up her character? We don’t know answers of these questions. We just know that she is a Goddess and Ram’s ideal wife. No one knows how she became ideal and how she contributed in Ram’s journey through which he emerged as Maryada-purshottam. That perspective is USP.”

Nikhil also feels the show is big in making. The format, content, making, execution, visuals and narration are all strong point of the show. He adds,”The way TV is functioning nowadays is very contend and people work in restricted atmosphere. This show is more of taking the TV industry to different level.”

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