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Aniruddh Dave Sangeet in Pink city!

Aniruddh Dave’s sangeet ceremony was glamorized by the TV actors’ presence in the pink city. The Jaipur Bagh  was looking extra bright by all the stars arriving for the ceremony.

“Winter weddings are always fantastic. It is winter and we have beautiful weather in Jaipur. That gives us liberty to wear royal clothes which we generally avoid in Mumbai’s heat.” said actor and wedding guest Mohit Daga upon arriving to Jaipur.
The groom was suited in Pankaj Soni creation and mesmerized the guests with the bride Shubhi Ahuja who was looking breathtakingly beautiful. The evening’s highlight was the theme “Sufi sangeet” which the guests enjoyed too much.
“The hospitality of my friend Aniruddh and the pink city Jaipur reminds us the times of kings. They gave us royal treatment. Exactly like a posh royal wedding,” commented actor Ajay Chaudhary.
There were also the moments where the guests were singing their hearts out, wishing the couple and dancing till late night.
Shashank Vyas added,”I have always heard about Jaipur weddings. Though Jaipur is hometown of Aniruddh’s but his family has handled the whole  celebrations perfectly. The event was a mixture of traditional culture and contemporary style. I am looking forward to other ceremonies”.  Shashank garnered lot of attention and looked handsome.
Aniruddh Dave said, “Its a very special feeling. My friends from Mumbai have come to be part of my happiness. The weather is perfect for sangeet and naach gaana. Jaipur is ideal destination for wedding”

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