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I have received overwhelming responses for Dasharatha’s role : Dalip Tahil

Dalip Tahil

Eminent actor Dalip Tahil who is known for his versatility across television,films and theater is currently portraying the character of King Dasharatha in Nikhil Sinha’s newly launched show Siya Ke Ram based on the epic Ramayana.

Talking about his feedback for the character Dalip shares he has got overwhelming responses. “It’s been just few episodes but so far I have earned so many compliments. Our director Nikhil Sinha deserves a lot of credit for it. I never expected that I will be getting such good response so soon. From the first episode people were surprised to see me in a costume drama because I have never done it on this scale before. They said it was a pleasant surprise for them and I carried myself well onscreen. The way it’s been shot in various locations were bound to get good feedback.”

Dalip also tells how this show is different from the rest of the epic shows because Siya Ke Ram is a story of Sita and her point of view.

He adds,”One of the reason I agreed to do the show was because it is from Sita’s point of view. For the first time we will be showing about how was Sita as a child, how she grew up in Mithila, her education and what were her values. Mithila was a beautiful place for education and art. She was grown up in a creative environment. In today’s time it is important to give this message that Sita was an educated, strong woman and such a fantastic person. I believe so far we have seen Sita as reflection of Ram but according to me Ram was a reflection of Sita equally. I feel it is important because in today’s time, the kind of prejudice and suppression people have towards women in terms of work, abilities, this is going to be the good message that Indian women come from the legacy of Sita.I really wish people take it to heart and understand the message.”

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