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Digangana Suryavanshi recovered from Typhoid!

Digangana Suryavanshi (12)

Good news for the fans of television actress Digangana Suryavanshi better known as Veera she was having a tough time inside the Bigg Boss house.

During one of the tasks last week Prince pushed Digangana inside the swimming pool and because Digangana has long hair, she caught a bad cold in the centrally air-conditioned Big Boss House. Due to that Digangana is under medication but it seems the 18 year old girl is coming out from her sick phase.

Interestingly this week again Digangana is nominated. As she said, ,”My record continues.”Kishwer nominated Digangana for her not being well as she thought Digangana may not be able to.perform but Kishwer forgot that for last couple of weeks when she was not well she always put her best compare to Mandana who is always sick during task. Digangana at a young age has already gathered a decent amount of fan following. They are constantly supporting her from outside. On the social networking forum they are referring to Digangana as a Saint as in spite of so many negative things happening around she keeps herself calm and not into criticizing others. During the task also she always puts her best forward and behaves like a responsible inmate. At 18, she is behaving like a mature lady. Surprisingly she has not spoken to her parents also during her illness as she wanted to deal with this herself.

Digangana’s parents are obviously worried for their only daughter as her mother Sarita Suryavanshi says,”I felt helpless and at the same time extremely proud to see my daughter in the Bigg Boss house. Digangana was pushed into swimming pool by co-contestants and apparently got infected and got typhoid but is now recovered with timely medication and fans wishes”


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