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Divyanka Tripathi shares her views on World AIDS Day

Divyanka Tripathi

HIV and AIDS continues to impact millions of people, both domestically and globally, yet when it comes to prevention the message doesn’t seem to resonate in minority communities when you consider the numbers. Of the 47,989 people diagnosed in 2012, 47 percent are African American, while 18.5 percent were Hispanic or Latino, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In a strategic attempt to reach the masses, many HIV/AIDS organizations and foundations have partnered with celebrities over the years, with many celebs making it their personal mission to align themselves with the cause. We have to admit it, there’s nothing more noble than the rich and the famous giving their time and resources to things that matter, especially when they don’t have to.

So to honour the day we asked the Celebs about their views on World Aids Day which is on 1st December. Do you think celebrity participation in awareness campaign makes a difference.

Here is what Divyanka has to say Absolutely, I feel like for world AIDS day it is very important that celebrities do participate in such awareness campaigns because common people follow suit of artists and celebrities. I feel if the celebrities set good examples even common people would pay attention to such a cause and would come out to help AIDS patients and accept them freely which is much required by the society today.


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