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Simple Kaul playing a psychotic bird in Shapath!


TV actress Simple Kaul who was last seen in Yam Hai Hum as Iravati soon going to be seen in Shapath.

Simple is going to play a different character in Shapath which she has never done before.The actress says,”My character name is Pakki.She is a girl who feels that she is a bird and she wants to fly like a bird so she behaves and lives like a bird.The look is the same throughout. Pakhi has wings and feathers attached to her.”

Simple talks about her character in the show she says,”I have become a girl who wants to be a bird for the first time because it is a strange character.Such characters come only once in a blue moon.Pakki has only one passion which is to fly so she brings different scientist so that they can experiment to make her fly.She thinks she is already a half bird.Pakki is very innocent like a bird but when it comes to her passion to fly she can go to any level and she can also kill anyone.She does not trust humans as she has gone through a lot of betrayal.She craves for love and she is also psychotic.It is so much fun to play the character of Pakki. Rarely we get to perform such characters so I am enjoying every bit of it.She is passionate,beautiful,vulnerable and strong at the same time she cab be coldblooded and her end is also very tragic.”

When asked her how much time she took to get into this bird look she says,”The look of this character is very different.I was shown a reference before I did the makeup.I found the look quite fascinating and the makeup artist was very good.The first day of my shoot it took me three hours to get ready but it was worth.”

The actress shares her feeling of playing the character of a bird for the first time,”I felt strange and so good to feel like a bird.To have a certain neck gesture like a bird,to feel the passion and pain that the character felt about flying.It is a beautiful feeling to be able to feel something you have never feel before and as an actor when you get this opportunity you want to make most of it.I had some fight sequence which I was very excited about because I have done fight sequences before.”

Simple says,”The unit of Shapath is great.They are very particular about their actors safety.They always made sure that I am fine in the sequences and the shot where I had to jump and struggle.I would love to do a passionate pychotic character in future.”


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